Creating calm

A unique, results oriented approach to better learning outcomes. Practical, inspiring techniques that begin in the classroom and last a lifetime.

Our mission

To provide learners and educators with essential skills for thriving in the world we live in today.

Our approach

We deliver unique programs that are practical and easy to implement, building skills that extend beyond the classroom and last a lifetime.

Creating inspired, resilient learning environments delivered to early childhood and primary teachers through Australian standards approved and NESA-accredited public training courses or implemented school-wide to childcare centres and primary schools.

Secular yoga-based mind, body and breathing techniques delivered weekly by our specially trained practitioners to pre-schools, out of hours school programs (OOSH) and primary school students.

Providing ongoing mentoring and refresher programs for our graduate teachers to help embed and sustain positive social and emotional learning that begins the classroom and lasts a lifetime.

Our work is a synthesis of more than thirty years of theory and practice in education coupled with a profound understanding of the intersection between mind and body.


A positive approach for managing stress, workload pressure and burnout affecting Australian school teachers.

Australian educators are facing growing levels of stress that make it harder to attract and retain teachers and to ensure a classroom environment that delivers a consistent high-quality learning environment for students. As many teachers have already discovered, there are simple, effective skills that can transform their learning and work environment with just minutes of practice each day.


Healthy mind, body and breathing techniques specifically for young kids that promote strength, resilience and calm.

There’s a perfect antidote to the technology driven world of smartphones and social media – a regular dose of kids yoga-based exercise that combines mindfulness, body movement and breathing. Fun-filled classes led by specially-trained practitioners help energise young learners, give them tools to self regulate and increase their attentiveness and focus in class.


Promoting and reinforcing positive habits that sustain calmer citizens as learners and teachers in class and in life.

There’s a groundswell of recognition that we can change the way we educate and the way we learn to create better outcomes for our schools and for society at large. Forward-thinking governments, progressive principals and passionate teachers all share a common goal – to develop enthusiastic learners equipped with the knowledge and life skills to make a positive impact in our shared future.


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feel very tense

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