Karma Classrooms for Teachers

Karma Classrooms NESA-accredited workshop for early childhood and primary school teachers

Our five hour, one-day NESA accredited workshop is referenced against the Australian Professional Standards for Proficient Teachers, addressing 4.3.2 and 4.4.2 from the APST accreditation.

It is NESA accredited for early childhood and primary school teachers contributing 5 hours towards NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) registered personal development.

Practical tools for everyday use

The workshop teaches you how to easily weave short bursts of movement, breathing and mindfulness into the classroom each day to nurture creative, conscious, and compassionate citizens of the classroom. 

These practical techniques deliver proven results that help teachers manage challenging classroom situations – keeping  children engaged, calm and focused. The same tools can be used outside the classroom to manage workload, stress and to enhance personal productivity.

Regular courses

Our one-day workshop, open to all teachers, are run in Sydney on the first Monday of each month. 

Upcoming course dates:

March 2nd 2020

April 6th 2020

May 4th 2020

Follow-up support

Graduates have access to The Karma Class team and receive monthly content to support and encourage their active use of the program skills.

Course Schedule and Registration

NESA-accredited Workshop for Early Childhood &

Primary Teachers Sydney

Monday, 4th of November from 9am to 4pm

Early Bird to October 21st $195/Full price $220

A one day workshop focusing on 3 important initiatives:

1. Teachers Health and Wellbeing

In a job that is often very stressful as well as physically challenging, teachers often burn out quickly and/or become physically injured.

  • Experience the benefits of a gentle adult yoga class and the effects of slow, deeper breathing to quickly reduce stress, muscular tension and anxiety

2. Weave aspects of kids yoga, breath and mindfulness into the classroom on a daily basis

  • Simple, fun and easy-to-use yoga sequences for any time of the day

  • Learn different breathing techniques to effectively manage energy levels, various forms of child stress and challenging classroom situations

  • Create effective visualisations

3. Inspired Professional Development ​

  • Contributes 5 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 4.3.2 and 4.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining their Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

  • On or off site

  • Each teacher receives a comprehensive manual

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Create a Karma Class of Teachers + Pupils

School Citizens who are enthusiastic learners, creative thinkers, compassionate friends, able to self-regulate and content - both inside and out.

Host a Professional Development Day for all your Staff

Create a culture within your school that cultivates and values

academic success alongside social and emotional learning


  •  Full day staff training

  •  2.5 hour twighlight training over 2 days

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Here's what teachers are saying:

"What a fantastic experience. To be honest, I signed unto gain NESA hours. Wowsers! the content that I will take back and share is huge - what a great tool to teach young children, that can stay with them as they grow. Thank you Beth. How Amazing!"

"Thanks so much Beth. It covered my expectations of what would be delivered today with a perfect mix of practical, hands-on and theory. I really appreciated your Early Childhood knowledge linked directly to the course content."

"Very informative, simple structure for applying yoga, breathing and mindfulness into the school space. Well presented and great material. Thanks for your amazing energy Beth!"

Karma Classrooms for Schools

Karma Classrooms NESA-accredited workshops for early childhood and primary school teachers