Karma Classrooms

Creating inspired, resilient learning environments delivered to early childhood and primary teachers through Australian standards approved and NESA-accredited public training courses or implemented school-wide to childcare and primary schools

A Calmer Classroom is a workshop delivered to early childhood and primary school teachers

Australian standards approved and NESA-accredited the training course provides teachers with a unique set of practical skills, using mindful movement, breath and mindfulness, to manage stress in the classroom and in their own lives.

The workshop is different from theoretical career development offerings as well as programs that focus on mindfulness techniques for students. It integrates positive teaching theory with an appreciation for the important role that both the mind and body play in healthy learning. Cognisant of the demands placed on teachers, the course has been specifically designed to be:

  • easy to learn (learning by doing),
  • easy to implement (requiring just minutes each day in the classroom),
  • easy to extend outside the classroom (portable life skills).

The program benefits are immediate, incremental and accretive – reinforcing positive habits through neuroplasticity. Testimonials from teachers attest to the transformative nature of the course (lightbulb moments).

The Karma Class is working with school principals to develop and track metrics to measure longer-term benefits.

Public Courses for Teachers

A Calmer Classroom Australian standards accredited workshop for early learning and primary school teachers.  

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Custom Programs for Schools

A Calmer Classroom program designed and implemented in consultation with Centre managers, School Principals and Department Heads.