We’re on a mission

Our goal at The Karma Class is to provide learners and educators with essential skills for thriving in the world we live in today.

We do this by delivering unique programs that are practical and easy to implement, building skills that extend beyond the classroom and last a lifetime.


Creating inspired, resilient learning environments delivered to early childhood and primary teachers through Australian standards approved and NESA-accredited public training courses or implemented school-wide to childcare centres and primary schools.


Secular yoga-based mind, body and breathing techniques delivered weekly by our specially trained practitioners to pre-schools, out of hours school programs (OOSH) and primary school students.


Providing ongoing resources and refresher programs for our graduate teachers to help embed and sustain positive social and emotional learning that begins the classroom and lasts a lifetime.

We invite you to find out more about our programs and to contact us if you’d like further information.

We look forward to having you join The Karma Class!